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Space Key is an antimicrobial tool that allows people to safely use dirty surfaces like handles, faucets, toilet seats, buttons and other fixtures. Far superior to other ”hygiene tools” or ”touch tools”, the Space Key can handle a wide variety of privacy locks, latches, levers and doesn’t just lessen the chance of contracting germs, but eliminates it thanks to its case. This nested design first isolates the key with possible germs and then the 99,95% antimicrobial copper kills all of the micro-organisms on its surface. This is a passive property of copper and the Space Key doesn’t need to be washed or maintained.

Space Key is ideal for situations like travel, which exposes you to foreign pathogens and visiting hospitals where antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be contracted. Other critical benefactors include couriers and other essential workers that continually navigate the urban environment and touch many high-touch surfaces and people with weak immune-defense or pre-existing conditions that make them more susceptible to diseases.

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