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What is Neatmerch?

We are a product discovery platform that use digital media marketing to connect neat products with the world.

Why Pick Neatmerch?

Simple Process

All you have to do is select a plan, fill in a quick form that we send to you via email, and let our team create the product page and video. Before launching the product, we will contact you to ensure the product is up to standards.

Viral Results

Our Instagram Strategy yeilds great results. Posts reach an average of 150,000 people. Post reach range is from 25,000 - 2,000,000 people.

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Optimized Pages

We SEO optimize each product page with rich snippets. We also make the product page rank for your keywords. This means people searching for your product will see good reviews about your product




$ 50 One-Time Payment
  • Optimized Product Page
  • Viral Format Edited Video
  • 1x Instagram Post


$ 120 One-Time Payment
  • Optimized Product Page
  • Viral Format Edited Video
  • $40 Allocated to Facebook Retargetting
  • 1x Instagram Post
  • 1x Facebook Post
  • 1x Pinterest Post
  • 1x Instagram Story
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list my product?

After purchasing one of the packages, you will receive an email with a link where you can submit your product information. This will help our team create the product page and video you want. Once the product page and video are edited, we will show you the final product and confirm before going live.

Do I need to send any content?

No, you do not need to send any content. In most cases, our team can find public footage to use.

Do I need to have video footage?

We recommend that you have some sort of video footage, however, high-quality images can perform just as well.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. If before going live with the product we think your product is suited for Neatmerch, will contact you and send you a full refund. 

Where can I contact Neatmerch?

If you need to contact us with any questions/inquiries, you can email us at products@neatmerch.com