Alice AI Camera | Turn your Smartphone into a Highend Camera


The Alice AI camera aimed to solve a common problem: making quality photography easier, more accessible, and simpler than ever. The Alice AI camera is here to provide “better connectivity than a DSLR with higher quality than a smartphone”. The Alice AI camera is an attachment that you add to your smartphone, and, partnered with their app, allows you to capture high-quality 4K footage straight from your phone. The app allows you to make adjustments just as any other DSLR would, but, in a simpler more intuitive way.  The small portable design also cuts out all of the bulky expensive gear normally needed. Easily post content straight to social media, cutting out all of the editing and transferring normally needed. We think the Alice AI camera is revolutionary as it is intuitive and can help creators cut down their work time tremendously! With all of the partners they have, the Alice AI camera is almost sure to become a great product for creators!

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