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Indoor planters have become more popular in the past few years so we decided to comile a list of the Top 5 Best Indoor Planters. We found that most people love indoor plants but often struggle to take care of them. That’s why the first 3 seleceted planters are low matience and even automate the process of owning plants. All of the planters on this list are decorative and perfect for any household.

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Most people like plants but can’t seem to keep them alive for long. Pico Planter makes having a plant in your house easy, modern, and fun. Having a plant in your home is no longer a pain thanks to Pico’s watering system that can keep your plant hydrated for 10 days. It also features cool LEDs that provide UV light for your plant. You can attach Pico to your walls with a magnet, velcro, or a wall mount! Pico is also super affordable and thus has become a fan favorite.


Terraplanter has a truly unique design. Thanks to this design, they were able to raise over $7,000,000 with crowdfunding. It uses a porous material that leaks water at the pace needed to properly grow your plants. The planter also uses no soil or dirt making it perfect for indoor use. The reusable design makes it environmentally friendly without sacrificing a neat design. Terraplanter is a great way to light up any house. 


The Smart Garden 6 is a neat indoor smart planter that allows you to have a fast-growing garden in your house. It allows you to grow 6 plants at once, hence the name, Smart Garden 6. The product is designed and produced in Finland which is known for its sustainable designs.  This planter makes gardening easy thanks to its automatic watering pump and 18 high-end photosynthesis LED lights. Grow your own herbs, salads, or regular plants. Plantui is great because they offer a 2-year warranty.


Flye Lyfe is a unique indoor planter that uses electromagnets to float. The planter seamlessly levitates and rotates which creates a cool display with its 12 sided geometrical shape. Flyte is a great design piece for any house and is sure to amuse you and your guests. The only downside is the price. We found an alternative but nothing compares to the unique Flyte Lyfe design.  


Terraliving is a hand made, state of the art geometrical terrarium. The LED lights bring the planter to life in the dark making it a great design piece for any household. Because Terraliving makes its products handmade, they come at a bit of a premium. We found an alternative but it comes without any lighting and may lack in quality. 

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