Best Portable Gym Systems for a Full Body

Getting a full body workout can be difficult, especially if you don’t have time to communure to the gym. Your time is valuable but so is your helath, so, we compiled a list of out facorite portable gym systems to get a full mody workout. Having a portable gym system allows you to workout wherever you want, whenever you want. We’ve all made excuses why we don’t work out, but with one of these gym systems, you won’t need an excuse. Whether you work at home or travel a lot, a portable gym system fits everyone’s lifestyle. Each of the Portable Gym System comes with a free program to help you speed up your learning curve and maximize your results. Discover the best portable gyms for a full-body workout and start reaching your fitness goals! 

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Oyo Nova is the best compact portable home gym for a full-body workout. It rose to fame after becoming the most funded fitness product in Kickstarter history! The Nova Gym allows you to get a full-body workout anywhere thanks to its Spiraflex technology which was developed for NASA to train astronauts in space. It comes with free workout plans that you can check out before purchasing the Nova Gym. These programs help you to use the Nova Gym to the best of its abilities and ultimately maximize your results.  As you progress with your products, you can add more resistance to make your workouts more difficult. The compact design allows you to take the Nova Gym with you anywhere you go.  This product landed a spot on the Neatmerch Favorites thanks to its superior technology, compact design, and profound results.


The BodyBoss Gym 2.0 uses a baseboard and attachable bands to simulate nearly any gym workout. This design helps you work out nearly every muscle group ultimately allowing you to get a full-body workout. Not only does this design allow you to get a full-body workout but it also is collapsible making it is easy to store. As you progress with your workout, you can add bands or shorten them to add more resistance. Bodyboss doesn’t want you to be alone so they created a program with workouts ready for you to try. This program aims to speed up your results to a better, healthier body. 


FREESIXD is an ultraportable sling and resistance trainer that allows you to get a full-body workout where ever you are. You can do over 100 different exercises that are easy to transition between. The FREESIXD resistance trainer comes with an exercise ebook and video library so you can quickly learn how to set up and do the workouts! FREESIXD uses aluminum buckles that are easy to adjust. Compared to other full home gyms, FREESIXD is affordable and easy to use.


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