BEVVO | The Ultimate Portable Blender


BEVVO is the ultimate portable blender that makes living a healthy life easy. We all know living a healthy life can be difficult with everything else we have going on in our daily lives. Many people fall to smoothies and shake to get a quick healthy meal. The problem is, sometimes we don’t have the time to make a nutritious meal which leaves us paying for overpriced smoothies or eating unhealthy. That’s where BEVVO comes in! 


A portable blender that meets all my needs

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BEVVO is super simple to use and to bring anywhere. Unlike other portable blenders, BEVVO actually has the power to make clump-free shakes/smoothies anywhere, anytime. No more paying for overpriced smoothies and shakes to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is currently available and you can use the code “REF-NEATMERCH” for 10% off your purchase!

  • Portable Design
  • Spill Free
  • 15 Blends Per Charge

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