BHUMAN | The Eco-Friendly Waterless Face Wash

  • Waterless – add water to the powder to activate. This design reduces transport carbon footprint
  • Refillable – Bamboo bottles with refills available in aluminum bottles
  • Plant-Based The vegan makeup keeps your skin clean and healthy

We normally don’t write about skincare products, however, BHUMAN Skincare was an exception thanks to their eco-friendly products. Their face wash is waterless which reduces carbon footprint! It is essentially a 100% plant-based powder that you add water to in order to activate. This reduces the transport carbon footprint of the product immensely as water is the main ingredient in most face washes. The packaging is made from bamboo and refills are available in aluminum bottles which is one of the most recyclable materials. Keep your skin clean while keeping the Earth clean too with BHUMAN. We look forward to seeing what other products they plan to come out with as well!


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