BioVYZR | A Personal Airpurification Shield

Walk into the supermarket with this on and you’ll break necks!

BioVYZR gives me mixed emotions, here’s why… also get ready for some opinions. Like most people, when I see this product I do think it is going overboard. Of course, there is a group of people who find the product valuable enough as the product has raised $65,000.

The product itself does seem to be pretty well designed. It is effective at preventing contact with all bacteria/virus. It does so features an N95 filter, adjustable straps, and a protective shield. For regular people, this product seems excessive but for health workers, this could make sense.

Yes, the product looks pretty silly but it does have some impressive features and functional design. Their product page also claims that every unit sold they are donating one to an under-resourced hospital. You can check them out here.

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