Bucqle | The Belt Redsigned

Bucqle | A Minimal, Small, and Sleek Belt


Neatmerch rates the safety of backing Bucqle as Super Safe  

  • 316L Stainless steel
  • 59 grams
  • Adjustability of 0-50mm
  • 4 Color Options: Gun Metal, Silver, Gold, Matte Black

Bucqle is the minimal accessory to keep your pants or skirt fitting just right. The founders redesigned the belt to be smaller, sleeker, and more modern. All of this was achieved while maintaining a sustainable design. It is easy to use and noticeably more comfortable than regular belts. It currently comes in 4 colors: gun metal, silver, gold, and matte black.  

There are other minimal belts but all seem to either be too clumpy or too uncomforatable. Bucqle is the perfect solution because it looks good and is super comfortable to wear. It also comes in many color options so you can match your outfit.

bucqle the belt redeigned

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