Claw 2.0 Multitool | The TSA Safe Titanium EDC Tool

  • Created by Malboro & Kane, 4-time successful creators
  • Sold over 100,000 of Claw 1.0
  • Improved miniature EDC Multitool from the feedback

The Claw 2.0 Multitool is a great miniature multitool. The miniature design makes it easy and seamless to keep in your pocket. It is easily attachable to your keychain, backpack, and many other things so you always have your Claw 2.0 with you. The Claw 2.0 has many improvements and features compared to the 1.0. It was designed with the feedback from the 1.0 to provide the ultimate EDC multitool experience.  The Claw 2.0 has almost everything you need in an EDC tool! In fact, there are too many to name. 


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