Clean-Tech Air Purifier | A Powerful UVC Air Purifier


The Clean-Tech Air Purifier uses HEPA and medical-grade UVC light to keep your air clean. Compared to traditional HEPA and UVC filters, the Clean-Tech air purifier has the largest square foot coverage thanks to its 2-stage filtration design. 

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The Clean-Tech Air Purifier is great for workspaces, homes, and retail space. It has been lab-tested and approved by 2 different 3rd party companies.


Overall, Clean-Tech is a neat innovative take on the air purifier that was engineered to be the best air purifier. Our followers have backed this project and look forward to using their Clean-Tech Air Purifier! 

Why Pick Clean-Tech

  • 24W 254nm UVC Bulb
  • Mode 1 – Full Power: 58 decibel rating
  • Mode 2 – Low Power: 45 decibel rating
  • Replaceable HEPA filters will be available to be purchased directly through clean-tech.co
  • HEPA filters will last between 6-12 months depending on usage

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