Clevermade: A Lockbox For Your Parcels


Let’s face it, you’re not always home. Well, that statement is a little wrong in current times but you get the point. It sucks when you are not home and a package comes only to go back to the carrier or left outside where it can get stolen. Clevermade is a parcel lockbox that solves that problem. Simply connect it with most carriers so they have the access code and they will leave the package there. You can even leave the code to your friends who may have to drop something off at your house when you aren’t home. You can then go and get it whenever you want. And no, a thief can’t take it as it is held down with an anchoring system. 

  • Made of metal and steel
  • Requires batteries which are included
  • Weighs 37 pounds
  • Held down with a anchoring system
  • Connect with major parcel carriers

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