A Crowdfunding Buyers Guide

You’ve probably heard of Crowdfunding. You also may be asking…

Is Kickstarter a Scam? Is Indiegogo a Scam? The answer is, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are not scams but many people are lead to believe they are. These platforms are merely mediums for entrepreneurs to fund their ideas. In some cases, projects are late with their delivery, have poor quality, or don’t deliver the products. Crowdfunding is more often than not a great way to find new neat products for amazing prices and help growing entrepreneurs.

 To navigate these projects properly, here is a crowdfunding buyers guide.

Crowdfunding Buyers Guide

Product Partners

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have raised BILLIONS OF DOLLERS for projects. This has brought about the creation of many businesses that help projects come to life. A good tip is to scroll near the bottom of a crowdfunding product page and check to see companies that they are partnered with. In most cases, this is a great sign because products that partner with these companies have experts helping them along the way. Here are a few reputable companies to look for at the bottom of product pages…

There are more companies. If you see others, you can easily search them up on google to find out more about them.

Know the Creator(s)

Another great sign is if the creators of the product personally back the product. This usually is in the form of an “About the Creator” section on the product page.

Multiple Projects

If a product has had successful campaigns before, backing new ones is super safe!

On both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, look at the top of the campaign product page and your will see the creator name along with other info. It will look something like this..

Blog Image

Post Updates

Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo have an updates section. Seeing that the creator of a project is providing updates is always a good sign.

Reached or Surpassed Crowdfunding Goals

If the company surpasses its funding goals by a large margin, this is normally a good sign you will receive your product. Sometimes, due to large demand, it will take longer to get your product but even so, you will receive it.

Still Realistic

Keep your expectations realistic. If a product seems to good to be true and you see little to none of the things mentioned above, don’t risk it.

Final Words

Crowdfunding is a way to help creators bring their projects and dreams to life and be a pioneer of the products of tomorrow. The closest thing to compare it to is knowing an artist before they become huge or knowing a sports player before they become a superstar. It becomes your own neat experience.

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