Doppel Wristband | A Device to Keep you Calm and Focused


The Doppel Wristband was created by Jack Hooper. The aim was to develop bracelets that interact with your body and help you achieve the optimal state of mind for any situation you find yourself in. The wristband creates a quiet, rhythmic pulse that you feel in your wrist.

There is a gentle rhythmic vibration that can be controlled with an app on your phone. The heartbeat – like vibration – helps you to feel calm, focused, energetic, and relaxed. Doppel has been proven to reduce stress and naturally increase focus. 

The idea of a wristband that can change mood may sound far-fetched, but controlled scientific studies at Royal Holloway University of London have shown that it improves concentration and reduces stress. Dr Michael Dyer, the co-founder of Doppel, believes the wristbands could even help to counteract the effects of jet lag on long flights. Doppel understands the skepticism which is why they offer 60 day returns!

The findings, which show its calming effect, were published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. Thousands of people have taken the opportunity to focus on the task ahead of them, to stay under pressure with soothing music of choice, to offer meditation and to stay focused. It is a beautiful visual, calm music selection with beautiful visuals that keep your mind happy, light and calm. 

  • Metal Casing
  • Silicoln Strap 
  • Vibrating tech

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