Dreamfarm Supoon – A Silicone Scrapping Spoon


We have all been there when you have a little bit of food left in a jar but you just can’t get it out. That’s where Supoon comes in! 

Designed with every detail in mind 🙂

Supoon is the ultimate multi-use cooking spoon. It features BPA-grade materials and LFGB grade silicone. The flexible silicone makes it easy to scrape our the last bits from your jars. It also has a clever bent handle so you can set it on the counter without getting your counter dirty! 


Dreamfarm truly thought of everything with this product. With great success, they were also able to get the price down to $9.95! Meet all your needs with Supoon today!

  • Multi-use design
  • BPA Free
  • LFGB Silione
  • Great Pricing

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