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GoSun Flow | The Solar Powered Water Filter and Pump

  • Kill 99% of Pathogens
  • 18wH Power Bank
  • Comes with sink and faucet

GoSun Flow is an eco-friendly solar-powered water system that allows you to have clean water when you need it. When you need fresh water, simply turn on the power bank and it will begin to pump fresh water at 1 liter per minute! The filters successfully remove 99.9% of pathogens from the water. It is perfect to take with you on the go thanks to the small portable design. 


Each charge of the power bank can fill 100 gallons of water and each replaceable filter lasts for 1000 liters. You can purchase Flow without the basin if you believe you do not need it. Overall, this product is unique and made by GoSun who is known for their exceptional solar products.

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