Is Kickbooster Worth it?

Affiliate marketing has been popular in e-commerce since the reveal of Amazon’s affiliate marketing program and overtime, affiliate marketing has made its way to Crowdfunding. Kickbooster is the most popular crowdfunding affiliate marketing program. Kickbooster works as an affiliate program for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Shopify. 

While on the front end Kickbooster boasts increased pledges, it also has some backend benefits. If you are looking for the short answer, Kickbooster is worth it. 

Kickbooster Advantages

Kickbooster costs $29 and 3% of pledges which makes Kickbooster very affordable. With the results that Kickbooster can generate, we highly recommend Kickbooser. Kickbooster‘s marketplace environment has stimulated many publishers dedicated to crowdfunding. This means that there are a bunch of publishers out there that post content about projects, many of which are posted to social media and Google. 

Affiliate marketing for crowdfunding tracks their campaigns with UTM parameters instead of cookies. This means that affiliates only make a commission from the first click to a campaign. If you run retargeting ads, you should see higher returns as you do not have to pay affiliates a commission from that traffic.

Kickbooster also gives the option to be listed on their marketplace. In turn they take 5% from of pledges instead of 3%. This option is also worth it as the marketplace gives you visibility to all of their publishers!

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