Kali Sponge | The Super Eco-Friendly Sponge


Kali Sponge reinvented the dish sponge to be better in every way. Kali is easier to use, lasts longer, and is eco-friendly. It is made from 100% organic materials and is bio-degradable. You may be thinking it’s gross to have a sponge for a long time. Kali thought of this and made their sponge antimicrobial so it will keep your sponge clean all the time. 

Works Better Than Regular Sponges

Kali didn’t want to sacrifice functionality just to make more ecological products, so…. they did both. This took 3 different designs to reach. 

In 2019, Kali funded a dishcloth that raised $84,896 and successfully delivered their products. That is why we are confident they will deliver again thanks to their great partners and track record.

  • 100% natural organic materials
  • Antibacterial, Biodegradable, Eco Safe
  • Faster to use 
  • Lasts longer

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