kinetic ring box

Kinetic Ring Box


Description from Website

“In the Kinetic Ring Box’s patent pending design, six faces of a cube are formed by the links of mobius kaleidocycle mechanism. With each face mapped to an individual link, the entirety of the box transforms during the opening process, revealing its contents in one fluid motion. Its single degree of freedom movement results in motion which is fluid, satisfying, and will continue to mesmerize even years after introduction.

Inside of the Kinetic Ring Box’s machined aluminum mechanism, a velvet-wrapped foam insert is installed to carry the box’s contents. While closing, the insert’s segmented design is wrapped around the ring, holding it securely in place. When opened, the foam insert flattens while continuing to grip safely onto the ring.

To permit opening of the Kinetic Ring Box’s mechanism, the back of the box has a curved opening which is closed by its velvet-covered insert while closed. The pointed ends of three curved panels act as feet when closed, allowing the box to sit on its end.”

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