LastTissue Box | The Eco-Friendly Reusable Tissue Box

  • Created by LastObject, 5 time trusted creators
  • Eco-friendly multi-use
  • Silicoln dishwasher freidnly box
  • Organic tissues which can be washed 520 time
  • Save more than 9000 single use tissues

LastTissue Box is exactly what it sounds like, an eco-friendly tissue box and tissues. LastObject, the creators of LastTissue, aim to create products that reduce waste, and this time, it was tissues. The LastTissue Box saves more than 9000 single-use tissues. The tissue box is made from reusable silicon which can be washed in the dishwasher and the tissues are organic and can be washed 520 times. The tissue box has a divider so you can put your used ones into a separate side so you can wash them later. We love products that are eco-friendly help make a change, thus, LastTissue Box has become a Neatmerch Favorite. Help reduce waste by using LastTissue Box!  

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