Manta Sleep Mask v2


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential. The Manta Sleep Mask V2 can help nearly anyone sleep better. The V2 was designed to perfection from the feedback from the V1. Manta Sleep Mask is 100% worth the price and the reviews from thousands of customers tells the same story. 

Designed for Maximum Comfortability

manta sleep mask

The best part of the sleep mask is the 100% dark design. This combined with the comfortable memory foam helps you get the best sleep possible! 

100% Dark Design

manta sleep mask review


The mask is made to fit everyone’s needs. You can adjust the eye positioning, length of the band, and more! 


"Experience deep sleep like never before"

manta sleep mask

Manta helps nearly all of their customers get a better night’s sleep. For the few who don’t, Manta Sleep has super friendly and easy to work with customer support!

  • 100% blackout for deeper sleep
  • Infinitely adjustable for personalized fit
  • Soft, breathable, durable materials
  • Zero pressure on eyelids or lashes

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