Mendi | Fun and Real Brain Training


Mendi is real-life brain training! The technology allows you to train your brain with a simple game. This technology is used by top athletes and executives but Mendi is making it affordable. Now you can improve your mental well being, performance, and overall health.  

mendi brain training

The mobile app makes Mendi easy to use and to understand. You simply put on Mendi and play the game which provides visual feedback on how you are doing. Good feedback means that you are increasing blood flow, nutrients, and oxygenation.  

mendi brain training

It’s pretty normal to be skeptical of things like this, however, Mendi has actually secured funding from the EU and is supported by the likes of NASA.   

mendi testomonials
  • Easy to use Headset and App
  • Powerful brain training, fun for all ages
  • Unlimited sessions, get started with one click

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