MoftX: Foldaway Stand for Phone/Tablet


About MoftX

MoftX is an example of a product that takes every detail into consideration. The main purpose is to have a minimal phone stand that serves many purposes. Of course, the main point is, well, the stand.

Another great feature is that the stand acts as a card holder. This means that you can carry your essentials such as your drivers license, credit card, and possibly a business card.

MOFT X Kickstarter

About The Company

Moft.us, in general, is a very impressive company with an array of products. They specialize in well crafted and designed tech accessories. They started in the Crowdfunding world with MoftX, the foldable stand for your phone or tablet you are reading about now.

After success with MoftX, they released MoftZ, a stand for your laptop. But it all started with the viral MoftX phone/tablet stand.

MoftX angles for phone stand
  • Versatile Stand
  • 3 Card Holder
  • RFID blocking
  • Ultra-thin and light (5mm, 1oz)
  • Firm Grip
  • Car-mount attachment

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