petal trash can

Petal Trash Can | The Zero-Odor Germ-Freezing Waste Bin


Trash smells, we all know that. The Petal Waste Bin eliminates this problem by freezing the garbage inside and thus preventing the spread of bacteria. No more using chemicals to keep the smell away! Throw away up to 5 gallons of waste and easily take out the removable bin. 

Petal made it easy for you by allowing you to use the liners of your choice instead of using specialized liners. Petal requires little to no maintenance overall. We like this design because it truly solves the odor problem easily. The fact that you can use any liner makes Petal super easy to use!

Petal Waste Bin Features


Bin Size – removable 5-gallon bin with handles

Smell Eliminating – the bin prevents smell from diapers, pet doo doo, compost, rotten left overs, and nearly anything you can think of

Lights – front night light with color and brightness adjust

Cost – running the can costs less than $1 in electricity per month

Filter – reusable, simply wash the rear filter

Materials – made of steel shell, aluminum interior, and plastic or silicone trim for a clean modern finish

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