Plantui 6 Smart Planter | The Smart Home Indoor Garden

  • 6 Slots for growing
  • Automatic watering pump
  • 18 High-end Photosynthesis Lights

The Smart Garden 6 is a neat indoor smart planter that allows you to have a fast-growing garden in your house. It allows you to grow 6 plants at once, hence the name, Smart Garden 6. The product is designed and produced in Finland which is known for its sustainable designs.  This planter makes gardening easy thanks to its automatic watering pump and 18 high-end photosynthesis LED lights. Grow your own herbs, salads, or regular plants. Plantui is great beucase they offer a 2 year warranty. We liked them so much that we partnered with them so you can purchase anything from Plantui for 25% off with the code Neatmerch at checkout!


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pshh. Save 25% with the code 'NEATMERCH' at checkout​