PomaBrush | The Innovative Silicone Electric Toothbrush


PomaBrush is a new innovative toothbrush that uses silicone bristles that stay clean and last much longer than regular bristles. The brush only needs to be charged every 4 months which makes it great for travel! It comes with a charging case that makes it easy to stay charged on the go. Pomabrush is so far the 3rd most backed product by Neatmerch viewers!

Pomabrush is overall a great product that also helps reduce waste. The bristles also cost less per year than that of other electric toothbrushes. With the low yearly cost of bristles, little need to charge, and awesome charging case, PomaBrush is definitely worth it! It also comes with a 2-year warranty. Thanks to all of these factors, PomaBrush has landed a spot in the Neatmerch Favorites.

Why Pick Poma?


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