reMarkable 2 | The Paper Thin Tablet


It is easy to get distracted from your work nowadays as most of our devices have plenty of distractions. Using notebooks and such is not so much of an option in today’s digital age either. reMakarble 2 is a digital notebook as close to real paper that you can get. It is the thinnest and most functional pad out there. It weighs merely 350g and has an aluminum back giving a seamless experience. The reMarkable 2 lets you transfer and write on documents. You can even transform your handwriting into text with the simple press of a button. reMarkable comes in at a steep price and is definitely no impulse buy. At first, the price may seem quite steep but the reMarkable 2 really is engineered for performance.

  • Easily take hand written notes, read, and review documents
  • Supports 33 languages
  • Display looks and feels like paper
  • Supports cursive and block letters
  • Share converted notes by email

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