RHINOKEY | The Must-Have Multiuse Key Organizer


Rhinokey is so much more than a key organizer. Rhinokey’s multi-use design makes it the perfect EDC item. It allows you to stack 1-10 keys of your choice helping you keep them organized.  This non-bulky design makes it much easier to take out and put into your pocket.

The multi-use design allows you to do things such as screwing, cutting, measuring, and even providing light with built-in LEDs. Rhinokey is also made from titanium so it can withstand wear and tear. No worries about Rhinokey damaging your pants. It was designed with smooth surfaces to prevent damage and to be as easy as possible to access! 

  • Stack up to 10 keys
  • Titanium build
  • Multi-use functions
  • Built-in LED

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