TPR Trigger Point Rocker | Heal Back and Build Muscles

  • Designed by Dr. Arron Fu
  • Comes with rocker and exercise program
  • Available Research Papers on effectiveness

The TPR Trigger Point System heals your back and builds muscles helping you keep your back healthy. The versatile fit makes the TPR perfect for everyone. We spend so much time sitting that our posture suffers which ultimatly causes pain. Not only can you do exercises with the TPR but you can use it as support when sitting in your chair. The TPR comes with an exercise program to aid with recovery and strengthening. The knobs on the TPR helps you target pressure on specific areas of trouble. 


✔️ Relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain

✔️ Stabilize and strengthen core

✔️ Improve Posture

✔️ Relax and de-stress

✔️ Align spine and release tightness

✔️ Improve mood and sleep

✔️ Reduce recovery time after exercise

✔️ Increase blood circulation

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