Valuchi Watches – Luxury Watches Made Affordable


Good watches used to fall into one categories. OVER-PRICED

This is no longer the case thanks to Valuchi Watches. A normal supply chain for luxury watches goes through so many mediums that by the time is gets to the customer, the price is highly inflated. Valuchi is here to help you and I by doing everything inhouse.


Luxury Watches Reimaged

Many Designs to Choose From

Valuchi was able to reduce the price of luxury watches without compromosing on design and quality. The Perpetual Calender seris comes in many color schemes  giving you a range of choices.


Customize Further

When making an order, you can choose to add a leather band for only $20. This is another reason we love Valuchi! This option allows you to completely change the asthetic of your watch for only $20 extra dollars.



Valuchi is currently selling on Indiegogo at the cheapest price they will ever be available. They have all of the styles available, including the special carry case, leather bands, and the special edition watch. Don’t miss out!

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