ZiiLock | The First Foldable Smart Bike Lock


ZiiLock is the new ultimate smart bike lock. Yeah, there are tons of bike locks out there, so what makes ZiiLock different? It allows you to open it with its Bluetooth smart application, fingerprint, or a regular key. This ensures that you always have an insurance policy if you lose an opening method. The lock its self is made from tempered materials. 

Ziilock smart bike lock

You don’t have to worry about the lock getting hacked as it uses AES256 military-level security.

ziilock security

If the lock detects that it has been tampered with it will send you a notification. The app also allows you to set pins to where you left your bike or share your bike with a friend with remote access.  

ziilock mobile app
  • 3 Secure Unlocking Methods: Fingerprint, Bluetooth, and Spare Key 
  • AES 128 Encryption 
  • 98cm Temper-hardened Material 
  • Lock Sharing: Grant Access to Your ZiiLock 
  • Always-on Theft Alert 
  • IP67 Waterproofing

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